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Trick-or-Treat or worse…

This film was produced by Pillowfight Productions. Written and Directed by John Douglas Sinclair. Produced and Edited by Kimmie Callaway. With Director of Photography Calvin Callaway.

With Chris Valenti, Caroline Kim, Eliza Shin, Maddy Roach, Natalie Couture, William & Jason Chattaway, Ellen Doyle, and Nola Monkey Callaway as Waffles.

01/16 2018

A misfired text message during a first date results in an awkward but silent battle.

This film was produced by the film community ‘We Make Movies’ after the script won their 2016 Production Fund Contest! It premiered at the Dances With Films film festival in 2017 in Hollywood at the Chinese Theater.
Starring Michelle Loucadoux, John Bigham, Chris Valenti, Amy Schumacher, and Ryan Murphy among many more.


I wrote a song for a hurricane relief benefit tomorrow night at Molly Malone’s. If you’re in LA, come see some great local songwriters and support an urgent and important cause.
Here’s the invite…

Here’s the song…


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04/10 2016

This movie director is more than happy to help you out on your first date…

This is other short film I made, along with The Exchange, with the funds from the Kickstarter campaign we did back in 2013!! It played at a number of film festivals.

Great cast includes Chris Valenti, Leilani Wyatt, Kerry Liu, Alejandra Morin, Kristine Kreska, Jimi Yamagishi, Steve Pellegren, Emily Banks, and many more. Much thanks to Nathan Paul, Chad Kukahiko, Sam Mestman, Sam Rosenthal, and all the other terrific folks at the We Make Movies film collective.

04/10 2016

Porn flick rehearsal…

Featuring: Chris Valenti, Thom Rivera, Michael Beardsley, Jessica Rothert, Dawn Bower, Steve Brock, Mariah June


Can your relationship handle the truth?

Doug Van Bebber, Laura Azevedo, Bob Bancroft, Felicia Marie, Chris Valenti, Kylia Azevedo-Jones, Brian Lally, Brendan Weinhold, Emily Banks, Ian Grey, Natalie Weldon, Hayley McCarthy, Lydia Nelson, Lou Johnson, Karen Jean Olds, Adam Pilver, Victoria Verdi, Michael Verdi, Lorenzo Marquez.


Three Reels in one… Jump ahead
0:00 Horror / Thriller
3:00 Romantic Comedy
5:00 Characters

Chris Valenti Acting Reel 2016 from Chris Valenti on Vimeo.


Honesty Trial Poster

My short film “February” (also known as “The Honesty Trial“) will have its world premiere this Friday at the Burbank International Film Festival as 1/12 of the feature film “TWELVE

From what I’ve seen of it, this feature film turned out to be pretty darn impressive – I have to say. So many of the other short films in this collaboration are just terrific. I’m very excited to be a part of this thing!

The Fest is also a throwing a big party that night with a red carpet and lots of complimentary food and drinks. Your ticket to the movie gets you in to the party (which starts at 8:30 – our movie shows at 10:30 FYI – we’re going to the party first!!) Party info –

Come join us Friday night for a lot of fun!!